RLT Study Collagen.PNG

Pictured above is an Ultrasonographic collagen assessment from a study, published by the National Institute of Health, of a 40 year old female before and after 30 treatments with Red Light Therapy.


Why is Collagen Important?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, where it’s found almost everywhere – including: tendons, muscles, skin (75% for the skin’s support structure), eyes, organs and bones. Collagen is essentially the scaffolding that holds the body together, providing both strength and structure.  As we age, our bodies produce collagen slower, this means that the structural integrity of the skin declines. this reduction in production would result in wrinkles as well as weakening of the cartilage in joints.  Smoking, autoimmune diseases and pollution exposure are also know to decrease collagen production in our bodies.

How does Red Light Therapy increase Collagen Production?

Red light therapy is used to increase the production of ATP production in the cells. This increase in ATP results in more energy, meaning that our bodies can function more effectively and efficiently. The wavelengths of light that our red light therapy devices emit are known to specifically boost the production of collagen and elastin the our bodies through using the additional energy produced from the ATP.